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Quantum Massage

A journey of connection with the body. Channeled by Chrys Hellen

  • 1 hora

Descripción del servicio

In this massage we work on energy unlocking, toroidal movement, the release of memories and the alignment of chakras. The difference of this massage, which is quantum, with others, is in the connection through the guidance of Master Juan de la Luz. Through this connection, Chrys Hellen as a channel, is guided by the Beings of Light, to offer this massage, considering the time in which he is and the experience he is living, in addition to the availability that his body offers to move memories. and expand energies. It is not a relaxation massage, but a connection with the other essence, which asks for healing, through his body. HOW IT IS PERFORMED? "Before starting the therapy I listen to the other's body and he tells me where I should start. A dialogue of trust is created between my hands, as a channel, and the person's body. There is a deep communication. This massage is so subtle "That my hands converse with each part of the body of the person who receives it. I hear the other's body, through my feelings, and the person's body listens to my hands, when they trust in allowing themselves to receive."

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