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Quantum Coaching

  • 1 hora
  • Online

Descripción del servicio

This is a session carried out in a personalized way with Master Juan de la Luz, both for those who have already completed their initiation and for those who are not yet initiated in the quantum method. One of Master Juan's gifts is his voice, with which he connects us to multidimensionality and with which he does the coaching, generating a deep energetic movement at the cellular level, unlike a common coaching. His objective is to delve deeper into specific topics, observing the temporal personality that is experienced on this plane and how all events are perfectly related to the essence of each being. It is an observation of experiences, from the being of light that exists in each being. HOW IT IS PERFORMED? From an individual session, online or in person, with Master Juan de la Luz, for one hour, it is possible to expose all the afflictions and discomforts that prevent the person from being in harmony with their own energy and, consequently, with your memories, your emotions and your thoughts. Working from multidimensionality, Master Juan de la Luz provides each being the opportunity to look deeply at their internal affairs. Through this consultation, the Master points out the aspects that must be transcended, bringing to the individual's consciousness the questions that must be worked on in the quantum methodology, making an energetic alignment to integrate this information into a purer consciousness.

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