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Quantum Astral Chart

Channels: Chia Duque and Robertha Aranha.

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Descripción del servicio

WHAT IS IT? Through quantum astrology therapy, the aim is to recognize the programming carried out by the essence of the person, and that at the exact moment of his birth was integrated into the cells, according to the planetary frequency resonant in the place. and time when he received his first breath of life. To access this information, which is anchored in the cellular memory and in the essential being, the astrological channels, in connection with Quantum Immersion, through the guidance of Master Juan de la Luz, begin to decode this information in such a way. that the purposes chosen for each being are remembered from their essence to live in this personality. HOW IT IS PERFORMED? This therapy lasts approximately one hour and can be done online or in person. The availability of the date, place and time of birth is required prior to the consultation, both of the person who is going to undergo the therapy and of any special being that the person wishes to review (partner, child, family member, friend, boss, etc. . ). To start the therapy, Master Juan de la Luz connects both the therapist and the person receiving the therapy together. Once connected to the Light, the light channel shows and teaches the person their own astrological chart, how to interpret it, how to understand it and how to use it as a personal tool. Through questions and answers, they clarify each of the most pertinent aspects of the person. The recording of the reading, the graphic image of the natal Astral Map and the synastry are delivered via email.

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