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Art through energy

Channeled by Chia Duque.

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Descripción del servicio

WHAT IS IT? Made during the process of connection with the essence, in the love frequency of Quantum Immersion, with the guidance of Master Juan de la Luz, the quantum painting made by the artist Chia Duque, a channel of light, is characterized as a Portal of Light, where people find images of beings and immediately, by instinct, begin to search for more, in an act that silences the mind and opens the heart, initiating a communication with their own inner beings. From there, people begin to find captured images that they have within themselves and to believe in their own light. All this vibration of love makes the works portals of light. HOW IT IS PERFORMED? First the artist applies lithographic inks to the paper or canvas, then, with a solvent, she allows the colors to mix and, in this way, stains are created. When the ink dries, she reconnects with the Master's guidance, and being in a frequency of love she opens her eyes and begins to find images. "I have already seen some of these images in my channels and it is very exciting when they begin to emerge. Everything is energy. The color, the vibration of love, the willingness to leave the mind aside, all of that is energetically captured in the paintings. " comments Chia Duque. There are three types of works that Chia Duque creates as a channel of light, which can be used in environments to raise the energetic vibration of places and people. Originals: original works painted by the artist, true "portals", in which the Beings of Light manifest naturally, mixing with colors and shapes, filling the canvas and becoming present for all who open their hearts to receive them. Personalized: works painted to order, in different formats and themes, for own use or as a gift, are exclusive works, created from the energy of the place that will house the painting or the person who will receive it. They are always accompanied by a message received by Chia Duque like a channel of light. Replicas: painted from the inspiration of existing works, the replicas made by the artist Chia Duque, carry in their elaboration the purpose of the energy that will be anchored in the place, becoming important channels of light for the environments.

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