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5 questions therapy

  • 1 hora

Descripción del servicio

WHAT IS IT? The Five Questions Therapy is designed for all people, both initiated and for people who have not yet begun the process of awakening consciousness. This therapy allows those who want to know more about the possibilities that the Juan de La Luz quantum process offers to delve a little beyond their personal concerns and answer five questions of interest. It also helps to reconcile the being with its essence and personality, through the messages that its guides, protectors and Beings of Light send, through channels prepared for this. HOW IT IS PERFORMED? This therapy lasts approximately one hour and can be done online or in person. It is developed through one of the powerful channels that participate in the Juan de la Luz working group. They are people who access information, through the quantum vacuum, with the guidance of Master Juan, who transmit messages received and intended specifically for other people.

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